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We don’t sell leads, we help you generate your own customers.

We Build Profitable Websites For Your Customers To Find You

We specialize in crafting high-performance websites designed to attract and engage customers effectively. Our approach integrates strategic design, user-friendly interfaces, and optimization techniques to ensure your online presence not only stands out but also drives meaningful customer traffic.

By prioritizing functionality and seamless user experiences, we create websites that serve as powerful tools for bringing customers to your business.

Our commitment lies in delivering digital solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations, elevating your online visibility and maximizing customer engagement.

Crafting Web Impressions That Speak Volumes

In the digital realm, first impressions matter, and everyone instinctively judges a book by its cover, whether consciously or not. When potential customers are seeking a service, they often make swift decisions based on visual appeal.

The reality is that not every visitor will delve into the intricacies of the text. Hence, our approach focuses on creating websites that mirror the professionalism and high standards you uphold in providing services to your clients.

Just as you prioritize presentation in your business, our websites serve as the polished and professional face that captivates your audience at first glance, setting the stage for a positive and lasting impression.

Website Development Packages

The Perfect Starter

Single Page Wonder

Enhance Credibility

Small Business Package

Best Bang For Buck

Corporate Website Package

The V8 Of Websites

Custom Website Package

Please note we do not maintain any ownership of these websites, they are solely your asset. This being said, hosting is not included in any of these packages but we will set it up on your behalf.

We work with you to create a platform that fits your needs and delivers the results.

Why Work With Elite Exposure?

At Elite Exposure, we recognize the distinctive nature of every digital presence, understanding the importance of tailoring it to reflect your business and brand identity.


Our team, equipped with exceptional technical prowess, goes beyond mere design, focusing on optimizing websites for lead generation and customer conversion.


We specialize in creating high-quality platforms that seamlessly engage visitors and guide them towards meaningful actions, ultimately enhancing your overall conversion rates.


From comprehensive SEO setup and management to professional email configurations and strategic email automation, we ensure that your website is a powerful tool for increasing sign-ups and converting customers.


With advanced analytics tracking, we assess the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and develop custom solutions based on your unique requirements.


If you’re seeking a team that relieves you of the burdens associated with website management, allowing you to focus on your business, Elite Exposure is ready to step in and handle the intricacies.


Contact us today to experience seamless digital excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly. Should you require customization or specific functionalities, we can assess the scope and provide you with a cost estimate for the build. Our expertise extends to corporate website design, online stores, information-based website designs, and more.

We take pride in crafting some of the finest website designs in New Zealand.

Absolutely, we specialize in building ecommerce websites, primarily on two key platforms: Shopify and Woo-commerce/WordPress. These platforms are widely preferred by small to medium-sized businesses due to their popularity and versatility.

We opt for these platforms because of their high level of customizability. Our front-end developer leverages their programming languages to tailor elements according to your needs. Additionally, these platforms offer an excellent user experience and seamless integration with other apps, facilitating future expansions for added functionality as your business grows.

We take pride in showcasing some of the finest web designs Auckland has witnessed.

We offer seamless assistance in procuring domain names and hosting services on your behalf.

Leveraging our partnerships with top-notch hosting providers in Sydney, renowned for their exceptional service, support, and speed, we ensure a robust foundation for your website.

While domains and hosting are not included in our plans, we firmly believe in the importance of clients owning their digital assets. Therefore, we facilitate the setup and maintenance of hosting through professional third-party companies, ensuring your online presence is backed by reliable and efficient infrastructure.

Eager to connect with a crew of marketing experts, digital planners, designers, and developers dedicated to exceeding your growth targets and delivering an ROI that has you singing praises? Let’s collaborate.

Recognize the power of investing $1 to yield $5? Let’s collaborate.

Whether you’re a budding business or an established giant, we cater to all. Our clientele spans from local enterprises with a tight-knit team of five to global corporations boasting hundreds of professionals worldwide.

Typically, the construction of an average website design requires approximately 20-25 days for standard websites. However, for simpler projects like landing pages, the timeframe may be shorter. On the other hand, larger-scale endeavors such as extensive e-commerce websites with 5000 products or sizable corporate websites may necessitate additional time. For a more accurate estimate, feel free to reach out, and we’ll provide a complimentary assessment.

It’s important to note that the speed of our website design process is contingent on receiving all necessary content promptly from your end. As a web design company operating both nationally in New Zealand and internationally, we offer expert guidance to ensure optimal designs for websites in diverse contexts.

We prefer to take the lead in crafting compelling content that truly showcases and “sells” your services. However, your input is valuable, and we’ll ask you to proofread everything to ensure accuracy within your industry.

Our aim is to alleviate your workload, allowing you to focus on your business, while our expertise in content creation maximizes the potential of your platform to generate revenue.

Absolutely, our skilled graphic designers can assist with creating a professional logo and branding for your business.

Additionally, we provide discounted packages for website design and branding when done together. We strongly advise analyzing and modernizing your logo. Our pride lies in showcasing some of the finest logo designs in Auckland.

Get a free quote.

We offer a complimentary evaluation to understand your business needs better. Our goal is to provide insights that help propel your business forward.

This free assessment serves as a starting point to tailor solutions that align perfectly with your goals, ensuring we kickstart your journey towards success.

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